Forcing People to be Vaccinated Next?

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    The deaths of 108 children have been officially linked to receiving a measles vaccine during the past decade, according to the federal government's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Yet the childhood measles mortality count over the same period remains at zero, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means that, over the past decade, an American child would have been highly more likely to die after receiving a measles shot than from contracting the disease itself. This is not what you are hearing in the mainstream media, however; and, unfortunately, most people only believe what they're told to believe.

    * Source: Vaccine Vs. Virus: Which is the Bigger Threat

    Another significant fact that is missed by those who depend on the mainstream media is that deaths from measles had dramatically decreased in the United States well before the vaccine was introduced in 1963.

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    Since my profession is in the health discipline, I'll sound out on this subject. We had to be by law, vaccinated against small pox before we were admitted to school. Having had the DPT shots as a baby certainly helped my immune system. I was around whooping cough kids and never contracted it myself. As a result, of the immune system being strengthened, I only had mumps on one side, a mild case of measles, and came down with scarlet fever for about 24 hours. I threw them off nicely, but passed them on to playmates who, sadly nearly died of complications as they had not had vaccinations. I do not believe being vaccinated causes deaths if a disease is contracted afterward. Either the patient's immune system is weak to begin with, complications set in and are actually the cause of death. I get a flu vaccination each year and on occasion am laid low for about 24 hours and then am fine. My observations throughout my years as a nurse bear out these findings. I've been all over the world and believe me, vaccinations are a must. By the way autism is a genetic disorder. So at my age of 87 yrs. I've fared well on vaccination programs. So far my son has done likewise at age 53.
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