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In brief, the SENIORSonly Club forum is an online discussion forum for people who have reached the age of fifty, including members from throughout the English-speaking world. Rather than a typical About page, I have decided to let our members describe the SENIORSonly Club forum.

I began the Seniors Only Club discussion forum after another senior's forum that I was a member of announced its closure. My intention was never to compete with any other senior's forum, but to create something that would serve the needs of those who chose to participate, which was largely to have a place where people, fifty years old or older, could discuss a variety of issues with others their own age or older, without the distractions and the clutter that takes up so much space on Facebook and other social media outlets. I enjoy talking to other people around the world who might remember what life was like before television, computers, the Internet, and video games.

Although other forum administrators told me that it would never work, I decided to require first and last names rather than handles. While this does frustrate some people, I trust that I am not alone in my appreciation of being able to carry on a conversation with people who actually have names, rather than addressing one another as Redfox225, WarriorPrincess, or some such thing. While some of us use our real names, others opt for pseudonyms, which is okay as long as they look like real names.

As I am writing this, in August of 2019, the Seniors Only Club has been online for more than four and a half years, so I guess it works. -- Ken Anderson, Founder, Greeter

The hardest thing there is to grasp on the SeniorsOnly forum is that everything that is written, is written by someone who is regarded as a senior. In other words, it’s difficult to match up a post with the age of the person even if I know how old they may be.

Granted, some folks write a lot about various aches and pains but so do younger people on other forums or whilst simply sitting across a table with them.

It brings me to the conclusion that even though the body might show some definite signs of age, the brain doesn’t. Perhaps there’s more maturity and more life experiences? Maybe, but that just makes for a better chance to meet people with experiences, not unlike our own and also to meet people who know about things and places that we wish we could have gone or have known. But I digress.

When I read a post, there seems to be no definitive age and as a matter of fact, some even exhibit a sense of youthful play and others a sense of vibrant intelligence which knows no age.

Now, is it always like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood? Certainly not for everyone has their ups and downs and so it is with some topics but for the most part, we’re living life and living it well and show how well through each an every ageless post. -- Bobby Cole (Veteran Member)

A friendly forum where seniors come together to discuss our commonality and the ways we differ. A forum to discuss what's on our minds, to share our thoughts and hang out together. A place where there is something for everyone; a general discussion forum. -- Bill Boggs (Veteran Member)

SENIORSonly Club: Having friends in corners of the world I may never visit. To have company while being alone and not feeling lonely because of the friendly welcoming feel of the forum.

The opportunity to learn from other cultures while cultivating friendships and also having fun, and with a moderation that differs from any other in it's laid back approach, and yet fully hands on and involved.

I'd feel a big loss in my life without this forum, and all the friends I've been able to make because of it. -- Holly Saunders (Veteran Member)

It seems to me , that forums are a perfect niche for seniors, and belonging to a forum where we all share many of the same life experiences and can relate to each other is a great thing.

If I recall something that I could do 50 years ago, and can’t do anymore, other people on the forum will remember doing that same thing, or at least something similar that they once enjoyed and can’t do anymore either.

A unique thing about this forum, is we all use a “real name”, not necessarily our own real name, but one with a first and last name that could be a real name, which makes us all visualize each other as a person, and not some unfathomable username.

Most of us are retired, some are housebound, and we have moved away (or otherwise lost) most of the friends we used to enjoy when we were younger, and the forum is like having a big “family get-together”, where we sit around and chat with each other about how our day went, and what is happening in our lives.

We can share our joys and our sorrow with each other; but also enjoy lively discussions about almost any topic that we want to delve into, either to learn more, or just to explain what our opinion on the topic is.

Even though I belong to Facebook Groups, I just do not feel connected there, like I do here with our actual threads on many topics, and new ones every day, and of course, some old ones revived.

As forums go, this one is easy-going, friendly, and we all try to be considerate of each other’s beliefs and opinions. It is an excellent size, large enough to have a variety of input on threads, and yet small enough that we can all feel like we have a kinship with each other.

We miss each other if someone is gone for a while, and look forward to sharing our day with everyone, and often have (virtual) morning coffee together, although there are members from around the world, so morning coffee for some of us might be bedtime hot chocolate for someone else.

All-in-all, Seniors’ Only Club is a great place to be! -- Yvonne Smith (Veteran Member, Greeter)

Seniors Only Club is a very welcoming group of people who truly allow you to be you.

There is so much to see and do here and the conversations are limitless. We laugh together, learn together, sometimes cry together, debate each other - but most of all we support each other and respect each other.

And more than all of that, it's fun and it's family.

Seniors Only Club is a safe place to visit and it's my first stop each and every day. -- Maggie May (Very Well-Known Member)

There are many reasons why people join online forums. Sometimes, they are looking for people who share their opinions, so they feel part of a group. At other times, they are looking for people who don't, so they can discuss their viewpoints. Sometimes, they would like to share their blessings and disappointments with people who can identify with them.

Often, they are just wanting some friends to share a portion of their day with. This is even more true when we reach an age where we don't get out to socialize as much as we once did.

I found not only one, but all of these things when I joined the SENIORSonly CLUB forum. I look forward to the time I spend online with them all through my day. I have really enjoyed this wonderful, friendly, quirky and diverse group of people who make you feel great at being just the age you are. -- Bess Barber (Very Well-Known Member)

I am a happy camper. About a year ago, I started exploring the net in search of friendships, chatting, sharing... not dating, if it’s still called that now. My search always ended up disappointing and frustrating. I’ve never come across so much disrespect and inconsideration. These so-called Match and Dating sites, I think are just open doors to people wanting to be rude and vulgar, nothing even close to gaining friendships. This is my opinion from the female side.

When I found SENIORSonly Club and was accepted as a member, I can’t express how happy I was. It is a place with real, caring, and respectful persons. My home, yard, and my three living companions are my... Happy... Now I’ve found another Happy. Thank you, SENIORSonly Club and all of the great members who I have met and hope to meet. I wonder how many brownie points I’ll get for this... kidding... You’re all great. -- Micki Pembroke (Active Member)

I found Seniors Only Club forum by accident. In a time when social media has rendered many forums dead, I was surprised to find an active forum for seniors only that didn’t suppress personal beliefs. Being an independent, I was surprised to find a place where seniors from conservative beliefs were not overshadowed by an opposing crowd of young people of which many just parrot what they have been told. I was happy to see several over age 80 participating and adding a great perspective to any discussion. The forum offers a vast variety of sub forums, sub sub forums, and active threads.

Since many seniors are home-bound, whether by choice, unfortunate events, or just old age, the internet worldwide forum style interaction is a great way to stay social and keep our minds active. Seniors Only Club is the only one I have found that isn’t just repeat information site, but one that encourages members to “write the book” instead of share what others have said and easily found elsewhere. Seniors have a lot to offer from their experiences and thanks to Seniors Only Club, we now have a forum that allows us to share with other seniors worldwide. Lastly, it is free of annoying ads and scams! -- Faye Fox (Very Well-Known Member)

I started joining forums that paid for content writing when I got laid off as a way for pocket change and gifts cards and to fill my time while taking a break from doing job searches. Never had a thought about writing for nothing until I received an email inviting me to check out Seniors Only Club. It's the only forum that radiates 'real talk discussions' from the members about any and everything in life from members around the world. -- Von Jones (Veteran Member)

Lon and I belong to another forum based in the U.K, and he suggested I look into this one. Happy, I did for it is quite different in the manner in which it is conducted. We are able to chat freely within the various topics and threads. Not so elsewhere. Also, this appears to be a much more congenial group from many corners of the globe.

If I have any complaints, it is with what age defines a senior. By no means do I consider age 50 as being a senior citizen nor does the law see it that way. Seniors begin legally at age 65. There are moments when I feel out of the loop as the majority here seem to be under 68 and the "Baby Boomer" term appears to be the rallying call of the day.

Although, I am at an advanced age, I do keep abreast of all things current. I have a 53 year old son who, incidentally, would bristle at being termed a senior, and his generation keeps me informed as do subsequent generations as to how our world turns.

Happily, we all seem to have so many diverse interests here, I have often found it a learning experience as well. Love the discussions and the good humor throughout. -- Lois Winters (Greeter)

I was looking for a seniors group for discussion and sharing, not dating. It is interesting that people on-line can be quite rude because of the perceived anonimity provided by the computer. I did not want that either.

Seniors Only Club provides an on-line coffee klatch. I used to have a group of friends that met up regularly, before Covid. We have not quite gotten back into the swing of that yet. Well, not as often, anyway.

But now I have found another group to have coffee, lunch, a midnight snack with. A group of friends who let me be me. Who let me share and help and tease and learn. I can make jokes or be serious and not worry. -- Mary Stetler (Very Well-Known Member)

What I like about SOC is seniors mostly are honest mainly because we don't worry about what others think as much. Another thing is that as long as we don't hurt anyone, of course, we can pretty much say what we want.

This site has a variety of members from all walks of life, so we can learn new things from each other.

I also learned it is best to think before you 'strongly' disagree with someone. You never know if you may soon regret something you say. Then one of us passes, and the last thing you said was not nice. I got upset with one, and they passed, so I was so glad I kept my bad day to myself.

I like corresponding with people my own age sometimes. -- Marie Mallery (Veteran Member)

I joined SOC on August 21, 2022, and since then, I have found this site to be a very knowledgeable place. Lots of friendly people, and very helpful. When I joined, I hadn't been posting online but on two other forums before; I was kind of new to the internet, but the people here helped me a lot to figure out how to post and be a member.

I miss the ones we've lost and enjoy all the new members, too. I was thinking of mentioning names, but I wouldn't want the others here to feel they're not just as important to making this place such an entertaining forum. I think SOC is probably #1 for a senior forum that you could ever find. So join and post. There is lots of fun here. -- Jake Smith (Very Well-Known Member)

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