When God Hits The Reset Button

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    "We’ve all had the experience with our smart-phone, tablet or computer when it didn’t act like it was supposed to. It stopped doing something it was designed to do or it started doing something that didn’t make sense".

    "The remedy is usually to simply shut down and restart your device – to perform a RESET. By doing this we force all the programs that are actively or passively running to stop, and we clear out the memory".

    "The more we use a devise, the more frequent a RESET is needed".

    "I have found this to be true of my life. Sometimes God encourages us to press the reset button and other times He hits it without our permission".

    "I have seen things in myself that are unhelpful, unhealthy and uncharacteristic. While this is not new for me, it has been more acute lately. And, in some ways, I’ve felt like I’ve not been functioning properly – not living out who God has made me to be".

    "So, God hit my RESET button". (Read More)

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