Undersea Volcanoes Are Melting the Antarctic Ice

Discussion in 'Energy & Fuel' started by Yvonne Smith, May 30, 2015.

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    Even though the politicians seem to still be touting that we have global warming, there has also been a debate as to whether the ice at the South Pole is melting or getting thicker. Apparently, it is doing both.
    A while back, one of the ships that went on an expedition to Antarctica got stuck in ice where they were not expecting to find it , or at least not thick enough that the ice breakers could not get through. Even the ships that we sent out from several countries to rescue the first ship ended up getting trapped in the ice, and it was a week or so before they finally were able to rescue all of the ships.
    The information that they found is that the ice over Antarctica is not only spreading wider, but also getting thicker as well.
    However, on the west side of the glacier, the ice is acutally melting , and doing it fairly fast.
    The reason ?
    There is a string of undersea volcanoes down there, and at least several of them are active and the eruptions are heating up the ocean enough in that area to cause the ice to be melting.
    Since we know that there are other undersea volcanoes that are active; this could also be causing the ocean to warm up in other areas, and effecting the climate changes thaat we are seeing.

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    This is interesting information, and might explain why the arctic is melting as quickly as it is. I didn't believe that climate change would cause this to happen at the rate that it is. But does this mean I don't believe in climate change, actually no it doesn't, just the opposite. Tell me something why are these volcanoes erupting, it would stand to reason they were laying dormant under the arctic for years but now in recent years are erupting. The same with volcanoes on land that has been more or less laying dormant for decades. Volcanoes are a way for earth to expel lava from the earth's core. Sort of like a pore for the earth to breath with. So, why is there so much build up of lava in the earth's core. To me this is a sign that the earth isn't settled, and maybe this occurance along with climate change are signs of this.
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    This is definitely interesting information, and it could be good to know a bit more about the subject, but can we really do anything about it? If not, then it seems that we must let nature take its course and do its thing and stop interfering in its matters.
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    Wow, that's quite scary actually. I don't think that melting antartic ice is a good thing. By the way I believe that the human race has played a quite good role on this side. Doesn' it?

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