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    “History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.” ― Leo Tolstoy

    “History is a myth that men agree to believe.” ― Napoléon

    Interesting thing Truth should be able to be challenged and survived on its credit. What is the truth well it seems not to be fact but an agreed upon believe. For example religions have had their truth challenged over time. The Christian had the inquisition you would be putted in front of people who would put you to death because you don’t believe the true religion and in time they became a little more tranquil. Then you have the Muslim religion who still to this day does not tolerate people not knowing their truth and need to be put to death.

    Through history we have had different thing that if challenged they don’t stand up but the system steps in and protects the historic belief one would be the Holocaust they even have laws saying if you challenge what we say is true you will be put in prison. Even to this day there is people in jail only saying I do not believe your story. You are a holocaust denier so we don’t want you tell your truth because it contradicts ours

    Then came 911 the story they came out with was accepted at the start but after while people started questioning what happened. They started using a term conspiracy theorist to try and discredit anyone who challenged their story.

    We now have Global Warming is their story and if you don’t believe it we go back to the old term you are a global warming denier. Some of the so called experts say we need to put people in jail if they don’t believe.

    We just got finished an election were the story that Hillary was going to win having an 85% advantage over Trump anyone who said different was ridiculed on all the news media’s and they had the polls to prove what they were saying. The truth was she is a shoe in don’t waste your vote on a loser Trump. The only information telling the truth was the internet and alternative media all other were closely controlled. What happened was a surprise to even the Trump supporter. Now the media who was the only one telling the truth is now under attack by Google who was in the white house almost daily when Obama was in office. Also YouTube, twitter, and others. Gab which said they would not be censoring anybody has just had their app taken away and the internet giants are out to destroy what is left of the truth media.

    What will happen when the only information is the propaganda of the group who wants to control you.
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    Unless you see it, hear it, or feel it for yourself everything should be taken as a grain of salt.:)

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