The Little Bird: A Twice-weekly Newsletter For Curious Seniors

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    Hello, Everyone -
    I am excited to introduce, The Little Bird: A Twice-Weekly Newsletter For Curious Seniors.

    Prior to the pandemic, I enjoyed visiting senior living centers and retirement communities across southeastern Massachusetts and on Cape Cod. My dynamic, hour-long presentations engaged, entertained, and educated residents. Topics included The California Gold Rush, The Great Molasses Flood, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, The Brooklyn Bridge, and many, many more.

    I loved the curious men and women that I met - many with great stories to share. I treasured the lively discussions that followed my presentations. We always wrapped up with a raffle linked to the theme of the day. You can be sure that there was a lot of laughter and excitement.

    Since making in-person visits is no longer possible, I am confident that The Little Bird will be the next best thing to me appearing in person. Each issue will focus on a specific, high-interest theme.
    In addition to selling The Little Bird to COAs and retirement communities, single subscriptions are also available.

    If you have a relative or friend who would be interested in a six-month subscription to The Little Bird - or if you'd like a subscription yourself, please reach out to me at I will send you two sample copies and a subscription form.

    Since The Little Bird will be emailed to subscribers every Tuesday and Thursday, it is the perfect gift to give to friends and relatives - near or far.

    With each new issue you'll find yourself thinking about what you've read and sharing information with your friends. When someone asks, "Where did you hear that?", just answer, "The Little Bird told me."

    Check out the sample copy below!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Nancy A. Franks, The Little Bird

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    We're happy to hear about your newsletter, and I hope you'll take some time to participate in our discussions here. Welcome to the forum.

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