The Last Rejection!

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    Mr. Horace Wilkinson loved being the president of the bank. It was a small township bank and every farmer and small businessman in the area was forced to use it or travel about 35 miles to the next town. And in 1937, the roads were not the best for even the newest automobile.

    So Mr. Wilkinson would walk from his two story house about three blocks to his bank, pausing every morning to buy a few sticks of Wrigley’s chewing gum and putting them in his pocket.

    On this day, everything was normal at the bank. When Mr. Wilkinson walked in, the sour look on his face made his employees shudder and look down. He would give old Mr. Myers, the retired war veteran and now “bank dick” a nod and the old man would open up the window shades showing the township that the bank was now open for business.

    By one in the afternoon, people requesting a loan would start to show up, hoping that Mr. Wilkinson would be in a generous mood after having his lunch, but that rarely happened. The rumor was that when a potential loan seeker was in his office, if the president took a stick of gum out of his pocket and placed it on the desk, he was thinking negatively towards the applicant, and if he started to unwrap it then it was only a few more moments before the big red “REJECTED” stamp would be used.

    Harley Morris was now in the office, explaining why he needed a few hundred dollars to buy more equipment for his farm. He was serious and every detail was legitimate.

    Mr. Wilkinson paused at the completion of Morris’s proposal and then with a small grin reached for the stick of Wrigley's. He had no sooner started to chew the gum when all of a sudden he hiccuped, lodging the gum in his trachea. As he was turning blue, panicking and motioning for help, Mr. Morris just watched and when the bank president stopped breathing, he picked up the stamp and marked on the now dead president’s forehead, a big red “REJECTED”.
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