Spain Thinks They Have Finally Located Cervante's Tomb

Discussion in 'Reading & Writing' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Even though it has long been known the general area where Cervantes, the Spanish writer who authored "Don Quixote" , was buried, the actual remnanats are now thought to have been located.
    Cervantes died in 1616 and was buried in the Convent of Barefoot Trinitarians; however the remains were lost when they area was rebuilt in the late 1600's.
    Since next year will mark the 400th anniverary of Cervante's death, officials in Madrid want to have a better memorial set up for Spain's most celebrated author.
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    I hope it can be confirmed in time for the 400th anniversary. Don Quixote is one of the earliest novels every written and remains one of the best. It was published at a time when few people were literate but it was a huge success and a sequel soon appeared in print, written without the permission of Cervantes who then went on to write his own sequel. The funny thing is that the characters in the second part of the story by Cervantes refer to the sequel and tell some of other characters to take no notice of it because it was a fraud.

    I first read the first part it when I was in my teens and read both parts a few years ago. I hope to read it all again sometime. The knight of the sorrowful countenance is a hero of mine. I can completely identify with Don Quixote's obsession with the fictional adventures he had been reading about all his life, and how he imagined he could set himself a personal quest and be the hero of his own adventures.

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