Songs Of My Ancestors

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    40,000 Years Ago, somewhere in Europe

    Look! See them run! We are sitting on a hillside watching almost-men chase a woolly rhino in the valley below, jabbing him with their short spears. The animal turns suddenly and tosses one in the air as if he were nothing! We have no wish to be seen by them so we stay under cover, we are beyond our hunting territory, far from home, but to watch this chase is great sport! They do not hunt as we do, with the atlatl, a spear thrower, but many get in close with their prey and stab with their short, heavy spears. They are very brave or very foolish and many are injured. They are shorter and wider than us and very ugly, even their women are ugly! We do not often see the almost-people anymore, I think they are fewer than before and they do not have many children.

    The rhino is down now, I think he is finished; and one their men steps up to deal the final thrust, what power in those shoulders! They do not shout and gesture and jump around as we do after a successful hunt, no laughing, just some gentle grunting noises. Soon the will butcher their kill while some go to bring their people and camp to the kill; there is too much meat to take away. We think this is a good time to slip quietly away and return to our own valley and our home fires.

    As soon as we are in our own valley, we break into a traveling song, of great deeds done, of bravery shown, of pretty girls wooed, for it is our way to be happy, to laugh, to sing, and why not? This has been a beautiful day and we have walked our bountiful valley end to end, and we even killed a young stag for our fire tonight! We have the prettiest women, the smartest children, and the best storytellers of all the seven tribes! Tomorrow, I shall start to paint our glorious story in the sacred cave we found where the Great Bear once lived.
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    I like !

    I thought this was going to be a thread about the great songwriters, back when we could associate with the lyrics
    Far too many to mention - all were great and mostly Jewish too
    Great talents !

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    Very good.

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