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Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Ken Anderson, Jan 25, 2015.

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    It occurs to me that it might be good to develop some working guidelines for discussions in this part of the forum. I do want this category to leave room for people to discuss and debate, if they wish to, but not every thread should devolve into a debate.

    For example, as more people join the forum, someone might want to begin a study relating to whatever it is that they believe. Let's say, if someone were to start a thread here for the purpose of studying a particular book of the Christian Bible, or any other religious work, it wouldn't be appropriate for someone to insist on discussing the existence of God or whether some other religion might be a better idea. After all, if someone wanted to discuss the existence of God, they could simply create a thread for that purpose, and if someone from another religion wants to discuss that religion, they are also welcome to begin a thread, and I wouldn't break into it to insist that they all have to become Mennonites.

    In most cases, I think we can allow the person who begins a thread to determine the limits of discussion. I say, in most cases, because I would have to insist that every thread here adhere to the comfort levels that I'd like to maintain for the forum as a whole. And, of course, I couldn't wait for the opening poster to come back into the forum if I felt that something was getting out of hand.
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