Retirement Living In A Resort Area

Discussion in 'Retirement & Leisure' started by Frank Sanoica, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Our location encompasses the Laughlin, Nevada "Mini-Vegas" area, with 10 resort hotels sporting all their glamourous display. These dens of iniquity vie with each other constantly for "top billing", using various means of coercion: Edgewater Hotel hosts many "tournaments", slots and bingo, free of charge, as well as supporting a great variety of bus tour companies which come in mainly from California.

    Anyhow, today we finished our latest "Bingo Tournament" at Edgewater. Two sessions of 10 games each are played for two days. Each game pays $200 for a win, $700 for the final win, a "complete bingo card" cover. This means each day pays out $5000, total 2 days $10,000.

    Admission is FREE. Not only that, but each offer to play includes 3 nights lodging FREE. These casino folks are no fools: give-aways draw people in like a big magnet; many come in from out of state; in winter Snowbirds from Canada are seen in droves.

    This time about 500 or 600 people were invited. Mostly couples, not all, though. Majority appear to be retirees, like us. We both came danged close but no cigar. It's fun, if winning is not expected. These tournaments are held quite often, once every two months, or oftener, not only bingo, but "Slot Tournaments as well, all being FREE. My wife, the lucky one, won $500 once and $50 several other times in the Slot Tournaments. I'm a loser, though...........
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    That does sound like a lot of fun, @Frank Sanoica ! Do you and your wife stay at the casino for the free lodging, or do you just drive back home at night since you life so close by ?
    I think that it would be a great mini-vacation, and with the chance of winning money while having a great time playing bingo.
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    Hey this idea is really exciting.

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