Red Mercury

Discussion in 'Science & Nature' started by Martin Alonzo, Oct 14, 2022.

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    This is some weird mineral I think this is where the idea of Dracula got his power. It can not be seen in a mirror and repelled by garlic

    Red Mercury is a truly confounding and bizarre substance, mentioned often as a key component in old world power generation.

    If this demonstration is real, it has no mirror reflection and garlic repels it. A great example of programming fear of monsters to a mind-bendingly cool God-given service to humanity.

    Bram Stoker (a freemason) published Dracula in 1897, which if you follow the mystery of the world's fair, the insane asylums, the private (massive) funding of new libraries, and an explosion of businesses and technology that still exist to this day, we start to see the scope of who killed of the old world.

    How strange it is to witness the fourth industrial revolution now in real time.
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    Well, it's thought to be a hoax. The Russians allegedly came up with it; take that with a grain of salt.....or mercury.

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