Reality TV - "One Foot In The Grave!"

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    As Marie Asary strolled on stage the audience went wild. She was a small and very pretty young lady. Smiling her best, the mistress of ceremonies walked to the large taped “X” on the floor so the boom mike could pick up her voice over that of her applauding devotees. “Welcome to this weeks episode of “One Foot In The Grave” she bellowed!

    Waving at the crowd to quiet down, being careful not to neglect showing her "best side" to the television camera, she then started to tell of this evenings “victims of circumstances” that had been recorded and edited with just enough music and laugh track to keep the audience howling with demented joy. "Tonight's segments," she beamed, "are that of the Thompson family whose young son has third degree burns. Bet he won't be around complaining too much longer! And the second is of Kathleen Murphy, a 93 year old woman who claims she had been severely beaten and raped. Yeah, I bet! OK, enjoy the show and I will be back soon!"

    While the tapes were being shown, Marie would usually go to her dressing room embellished with a “STAR” on the door, to have a snort of cocaine or other "recreational" drug. As she entered, she was shocked to see the room. It was void of all furniture. The walls were painted a stark white and the only amenities, well secured beyond her grasp, were a television camera with a fish-eye lens and a live monitor showing tonight's episode. Even the sink and toilet were gone. As she quickly turned around, she was stunned as there was no longer a door. She was imprisoned.

    Maria heard new catcalls and quickly looked at the monitor. There was a different beautiful lady standing over the “X”. “Hi! I am Alice Denos, your new hostess! Maria will be back in about 4 weeks with the best episode ever!” The crowd again went wild and the monitor shut off. After screaming and banging on the walls, Maria sat on the floor, sobbing. She realized that it was now she who had one foot in the grave.

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