Putin is Back; But With No Explanation About the Absence

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    After having disappeared from the public eye for over 10 days; Russian president Vladimir Putin showed himself in public again today when he appeared at a pre-scheduled meeting.
    Speculations about his disappearance have been rampent, with the largest one being that Putin had somehow been killed in a military coup. One source claimed that the leader of Putin's bodyguards had been found murdered, furthering the idea that Putin might also have been a target.
    Other possibilities were that he was hurt, suffered a stroke, or was otherwise ill, and even that he was in Switzerland where his mistress was said to be having a baby.
    Putin gave no explanation of why he has not been seen for the last few days; but some people are saying that he does look like he might have been ill, saying that he was paler than usual, and walked without his usual stride.


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