Purchase Problem Turns Into A Blessing!

Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Yvonne Smith, Feb 1, 2017.

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    Monday was my son Michael's birthday. I ordered him a Jawbone UP fitness tracker for his birthday present. I have one of these bracelet trackers, and its tracks my steps and my sleep patterns, and other exercise that I do. It can also track your mood, and your food diary.
    I really like mine, and thought that Michael would like one, too; and I found a beautiful turquoise colored one on sale on Amazon and got it for him.
    When the order came, the tracker was missing the connector that he needs to charge and sync the band with his iPad app; so I contacted Amazon to see if they could send him one, since it was supposed to be part of the accessories that come with the band.
    They elected to return my money instead of replacing the band, and told me to just order the missing charger part.
    I asked Michael if his wife would like one, too, and she said she would; so instead of just buying a charger, I used the refund to purchase another tracker in red for Christina . It will be there on Friday, and this one should for sure have the charger cable in it. They will both have a fitness tracker now, and they can share the charger accessory.
    I actually found an even better sale on the red one than the turquoise band; so it ended up that I got both bands for less than I paid for the first band ........... you can't complain about things like that ! !
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    @Yvonne Smith - Maybe its because you are such a wonderful Amazon Ambassador!;)

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