My Trip To The Supermarket Pictures

Discussion in 'Photos & Video' started by Holly Saunders, Jul 8, 2017.

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    I have read online that this was happening, and seen other pictures that were posted online, and now are the same warning that you have on yours. I use Flickr, and I really like that because I can write about each picture so it is properly labeled, I can sort them into albums, and I can limit who can see them.
    I have been going through some of the old family photos that were taken by my folks years ago, and also some that I took when my kids were growing up, and I have been putting these in the Flickr albums and writing about each picture as much as I know about it. This way, it is accessible to my children, and the information about the pictures will be passed along to them as well.
    And Flickr is free ! I have never used Photobucket at all; but they sure did make a jump in price from free to $500 !

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