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    Yo Big D! Wazzup?

    I really do not have much to allow at this particular moment except that I got a new keyboard. Yup, brand new and right outta the box!
    Yeah, I know that none of them come in a bag so to write that it came in a box really is kinda superfluous.
    Oh heck, give me a little break here! I’m smart and I know I’m smart but I have lived in the south nearly all my life (thus far) so stuff like that comes with the territory.

    I mean, everyone who goes to Bojangles says they want a box of chicken and biscuits even though they know that nearly all the boxes come with biscuits. It’s just the way it is. Like hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy when everyone knows that gravy comes with the hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes.

    Hmmmm…..I wonder why I didn’t get biscuits with my keyboard since it was in a box. Amazon knew it was coming to Alabama so they should have at least sent a coupon for biscuits….or sweet tea.
    Ya know, that kinda ticks me off a little bit. There were no directions or even a charging cord in the box so somebody probably stole the charging cord and my coupon for biscuits….or sweet tea.

    I guess Amazon knows I’m old and they think I probably wouldn’t miss it so I’m gonna go look up my order and …uh, was I writing about chicken, turkey or a new keyboard?
    Not sure at this late hour…..time for bed after I have a ….hot keyboard with mashed potatoes and sweet tea.

    G’nite D.

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