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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Avigail David, Aug 25, 2015.

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    May 20, 2015
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    We've just purchased one that will keep for a long, long time. Thanks to my loving husband. Of course, it's a 15-month luxury to pay. And, as I sit on my new modular premium leather lounge suite-- plus the chaise, (too big, but I try different parts of it at different times, haha!)-- I've been very grateful that we finally have one after all these years.

    I haven't had one leather lounge suite since my 29 years of marriage and familyhood. You know, I tried to simplify with my living room. Chairs and fold-down/up wooden lounge or bed-- that I would not feel so bad when little hands and creative little minds employed to much creativity and resourcefulness while growing up. We freed up our lounge/family room for children to play and run sometimes.

    Now, I "love" my modular lounge and chaise, (but not to marry it, :-D). The smell of leather still lingers in the room.

    Yesterday, my 14-month old grandson is being carefully watched that he's not given pens, coloring pencils, and toys near Grandma's lounge suite. But Grandson can pick and choose a nook to sit cozily on the lounge sofas to read with grandma, or with 9 and 12 year-old uncle and aunty :-D Or with all four of us. :) There's more room for all.
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    Congrats on your new modular lounge @Avigail David!

    ) remember to have seen (and want) modular sofas back in the late 70s, but my father liked to have a traditional sofa/couch setting. However those I can remember in regular tapestry cannot compare with today's leather modular systems. I attended a furniture exposure showcasing a whole modular furniture setting in leather including the pieces for the dining room.

    Maybe you would like to share pics of your lounge with us :)
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    Our sofa is the ordinary upholstery since our house is not that big and we have dogs in the house so we cannot just buy any furniture.We used to have a rock pigeon that lived inside our house for 5 years. And you know pigeons, they poop anywhere they want so the house is not really that clean. I had wanted to buy a modular like what you had described in this thread, and with premium leather, wow. But it is very expensive here.

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