Millinocket, Maine

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    We still see that here, too @Ken Anderson but it is getting less common. I was totally shocked when I was in Seattle in a snow, and my daughter in a four-wheel drive truck stopped to help a woman and her two children stuck in the ditch. My daughter offered help, and even tried to push the car, but the driver totally ignored her and didn't even respond when spoken to. I had never seen such cold behavior in my life, and I now understand why no one helps others in the Northwest..they are so rude!
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    When I was in high school, a friend and I were on a not-well-traveled road sometime after midnight, on a cold night, and came across a woman who had gone off the road into the snow. We stopped to help but practically screamed at us to leave her alone. I tried to explain that we were just going to try to get her out of the snowbank but I guess she was more afraid of us than of freezing to death in her car. It was hard to talk to her anyhow because she wouldn't roll her window down. We stopped at the next house and asked someone to call the sheriff's department.
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