Man Sues Samsung For An Exploding Note 7

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech Talk' started by Corie Henson, Sep 20, 2016.

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    In the news yesterday was a case filed by a man against Samsung when his Note 7 allegedly exploded in his pocket. With the more than a hundred documented cases of burning Samsung Note 7 phones, it is possible to happen. Even the airlines have joined the issue by banning such phone models in their planes because they consider it as a safety risk. By the way, another news item yesterday said that iPhone beat Samsung in the benchmark for speed. However, Samsung is still the best selling phone in our country.

    Here is the link to that man suing Samsung -
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    always a good idea not to buy first generation anything. wait till the 3rd or 4th. all the bugs are worked out by then
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    From what I have read, this may be another one of the things that Horrible Hillary promoted. I have explained it in more detail in the other thread about Samsung; but basically here is the gist of it.
    Apple CEO held a fundraiser for HRC, gave her millions of dollars . Apple was about to release their new iPhone. Hillary contacted the commissioner for public safety, and the next thing, Samsung is being ordered to recall all of their Galaxy phones.
    According to the article that I read, Apple has actually had more phones catch on fire than Samsung; but doing the recall right now forced Samsung to re-imburse people for their phone, and of course, they wanted something safer than Samsung........ and Apple was right there promoting their new iPhone.
    Since I have been a dedicated Apple person, this makes me very unhappy to think that this company (which I thought was ethical) would do such a shoddy trick.
    I guess if HRC is involved, this is the kind of thing that is bound to happen though.
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