Low Carb Flatbread And Pita Bread.

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    Since I am following a low-carb eating plan, I have mostly eliminated regular bread from my diet. It is a “special occasion” food for me now, so we just get what Bobby uses.
    I have discovered the flax meal flatbread and also the little round pita breads made with bran and flax meal.
    Flax is a great food, it has lots of fiber, lots of protein, vitamins, and not very many starches. The pita bread has about 9 grams of carbs, but 5 of those are fiber, so the net carbs are about 4. The flatbread is a little larger, and so it has more carbs but about the same ratio, and often times, I only use half of one of these.
    The pita bread is wonderful when it is pan-toasted (I use coconut oil for this) and it puffs up nice as it browns.
    The flatbread is also much better pan-toasted, but it does not puff up as much as the pita bread does.
    This morning I had an egg, turkey bacon, tomato, and shredded cheese fold-over on my pita bread, and it made a great low-carb breakfast, delicious, and very filling.


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