Living "Off-Grid" in Idaho

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    Now that I am learning to color with the Pigment app, what I want to do is learn to color some of my folks old black and white photos and make them look more like I remember them in real life.
    This is the old farmhouse where my folks lived when I was born, and it was a large house for that time and place. My mom and dad went through the Great Depression living here, and apparently it had once been a stopover for the stagecoaches that went up through north Idaho into Canada.
    There was a large parlor and a really old pump organ, and sliding wooden doors into what might have been a large dining area, and a huge upstairs.
    My folks moved around the time I was two, so I do not remember living here, but I remember making trips up to the Ranch when they would come up to find something that they had left there when they moved.
    My mom would not let me go upstairs because she said it was not safe, and the only one who did go upstairs was my dad.
    Out back was what was left of the old Model T Ford, and in the pasture was an even older buckboard that Mom and Daddy used to take fresh cow’s milk into town to sell during the depression.

    This is one of my “paintings” of how I remember the old homestead looking, and I made it from the photo that I posted earlier in this thread.


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