It's A Beautiful Day

Discussion in 'Tall Tales & Fabrications' started by Bill Boggs, Jun 11, 2016.

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    May 13, 2015
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    It’s the weekend and most of us are off. My roommate has been ill and awoke coughing. She’s up early. I awoke at a quarter till three this morning, got up and sat at the computer a few minutes, went to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee contemplated my world for a few minutes. Up about an hour before going back to bed.

    Daughter in Austin called to check on her mama. She has lost twenty pounds since Christmas. That’s about four pounds a month. I have quit losing but holding my own. Bread is my downfall. I like bread with everything and I have been eating too many sandwiches, boloney and ham. Ham is low cal; boloney is not and there’s at least a hundred and forty calories of bread with each sandwich.

    Son Bruce called to see if we needed anything or he could do anything for us. He’s been coming over and carrying out the trash for us and doing odd things for his mother. I was carrying out the trash when I had a heart attack. I had been having angina pains overtime I carried until finally I got so short of breath. Doctors told me to cut out the trash handling for a while. Bruce has been wanting to take over our grocery store shopping but I rebelled. That’s one of the few opportunities I have to get out of the house. That’s a chore I enjoy. I’m an old man, over seventy, and the problem with that is when you get that old nobody pays any attention to you anymore. You’re treated differently, disregarded, so to speak.

    I wish I was younger, could still go when and where I wanted to go. I could still go but my family would probably put out a silver alert on me. And going is a problem when your on oxygen. These portable tanks are not designed for travel although I have in the past gone out for a day. It’s like being on a leash all the time. I have had my breakfast. I have taken all my medicine, put water and drops in the eyes of my roommate. I’ve still got the breakfast dishes to do but after that I’m going to take the rest of the day off. Well, I still need to fill the bird feeder.

    The young cardinal couple appears to be put out with us because it has been empty so long. My roommate bought an artificial Christmas 
tree just before Christmas, intending to put it where a large potato vine had been, and decorate it some way with each season. She stuck it on a table on the porch up against the house until she got ready to start her project. Now a young couple of finches have built a nest in the Christmas tree and there appears to be hungry mouths in the nest to feed, so we will wait. Still need to fill the feeder. Many birds visit daily.

    These sort of comments soon become boring. I like to keep pounding the keys, thinking what I will write next, keeping the brain active. Does it help? I don’t know but I keep trying. So if this post is boring or silly, bear with me, I’ll try to do better next time. Have a great day.
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    I don't know what to say. That was an excellent post, from the heart, and not the least bit boring. Thanks for contributing your words to this forum.
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    Thanks, Bill for reminding us that it is a beautiful day! Thanks for reminding me that it is the little things we do to fill our day, and care for each other, that make it more beautiful. We become workers in the temple, going about our tasks, and enjoying our daily routines. Like a painter, we choose our colors and our brushes, and dab here and there, with different results each day. The main colors are Joy and hope...Love and Faith. We clean our hands, stand back and admire the beautiful day!:)

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    Not boring to kind of post. Like to read what goes on in everybody's world. We are all different but we now all have some similarities like getting old or older.

    It's interesting to see how I'm doing compared to others, naturally if you're only in you're early 50's I'll probably not relate so much to you but then again I was 53 when I joined my first forum and I did feel like the baby they called me.

    Sadly, one of my thoughts always was I wonder what's it's like being old as I know. :(
  5. Corie Henson

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    This thread made me realize that I normally wake up on a beautiful day no matter if it is raining or not. Maybe it is the lifestyle that I have of early to rise and early to bed, huh. Seriously, sleeping early never fails to give me a good mood in the early morning when I wake. During weekends when I could wake up late, I sometimes feel drowsy and my mood is not that good. My husband would say that I had overslept. So now I still wake up early even on weekends and I just take a nap after lunch to get more rest.

    And speaking of a beautiful day, I always see in Facebook the early posts about a good day, a good morning and all positive posts like thanking God for waking me up. I always read those kind of posts although I seldom open my Facebook account in the early morning. But most of those posts are true that we have to be thankful that we are still alive... and posting.

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