In Light Of Eternity...perspectives On Heaven By Randy Alcorn

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    I'm reading this book about Heaven right now with the topic title and finding it very interesting.

    The Bible doesn't seem to have a whole lot to say about what Heaven is like...but this book actually presents Scriptural facts that come alive by this author and gives me a clearer idea of what the Bible refers to as the eternal Home of those who by faith trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

    As I get closer to leaving this earth and believing Heaven will be my eternal Home, I find myself desiring to know as much as possible about this place. I am enjoying this Author's perspective on Heaven and am able to envision through his writings the reality and beauty (although it is limited by my humanness) of our eternal Home.

    There was a time in my life I couldn't imagine myself wanting to live in Heaven for eternity. The things I heard about it like spending all our time strumming on a harp and singing praises to God just overwhelmed me because I couldn't imagine nor did I want to spend all my time doing this. I have questions I want to ask God and Jesus. If Heaven is as big and as beautiful as the glimpses we are told about in the Bible...then I am going to want to spend time exploring all that beauty, etc. And certainly if my loved ones are there I am going to want to spend time with them too. Worshiping my Creator and Savior will definitely be an eternal part of Heaven too and it should be because they are worthy of all honor, glory, and praise.

    God created earth for the humans He created. Just like we are made in God's image...I believe earth was created in Heaven's image too...but just as we will be perfected when we leave this earth, we will also live in a perfect place where Jesus the Carpenter/King is preparing our perfect "Mansions" to live in.

    Since my Creator and Savior know me so well....I just know my Heavenly Mansion is going to have a wrap around porch and a fishing lake and room enough for all my loved ones, family and friends, to drop by and stay awhile anytime they feel like it. :)

    I've loving this book and I know I'm going to love Heaven too. :)

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