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    Berwyn, Illinois. Window frames were wood, building brick. Notorious for paint peeling off, every few years my Dad would get out the blow-torch, and melt/burn off the old paint. He taught me about the dangers of this beast, which burned "white gas", which today is called "Coleman Fuel". One day I was doing a window, up on a ladder, and my Uncle Frank stopped over. He saw me, and quickly called my Mother outside; my Dad was at work. He roared, "That little shit is going to catch your house on fire!" She said, "No, he won't", and they went inside.

    On the side it was inscribed "Turner Brass Works, Sycamore, Illinois". My Uncle Frank only had 2 kids, both girls........he secretly wished for a boy, but always told my Dad he'd kill me if I was his kid. The two argued a Mother quietly spoke of her brother as "Frank the Crank".
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