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    Ran out of breakfast choices for me. Usually, a slice of toast with peanut butter. Lately, it's been a slice of some Czech baked good. My wife suggested why not make a couple of the big Kolaches, using the "sludge", as we call it, left over from the fermentation of Cranberries into wine. She had taken about 2 quarts of the stuff, which in reality is pulpy skins, seeds, and whatever else "crushes out" of Cranberries, cooked it up on the stove, added whatever she does to make Jam, and stuck it in the Fridge. Tasted quite good! So, here's the "sludge" in the Kolaches before baking:


    Unlike traditional Czech routine, I useda mix of 90% Organic Whole Buckwheat flour, the remainder being white flour. Mixed up very easily, compared to all-white, but, lacked that integrity allowing rolling, forming, to some extent. I searched "Buckwheat Kolachky" but came up with nothing. Never one dismayed, I forged ahead. The stuff baked up OK, in less time than expected, the liquid in the sludge partly boiled away, leaving a nice, soft, jam. After baking:


    Important point here is that Buckwheat is not a grain, but rather a "groat", called a "cereal". Far more healthful than flour, whether Wheat, or Rye. However, Buckwheat is dark in color, has a "heavy" consistency when mixed into batter or dough, but nonetheless has a most unique, "nutty" taste. Not being lo-carb, my wife will not partake of these cakes. The "rising" effect of yeast with Buckwheat seems much less pronounced, so my creation is crusty, crumbly, but not softly-fluffy like plain-flour yeast dough.

    Another thought of mine is the health-enhancing effect of Cranberry on the Urinary Tract. Previously troubled now and then by bladder infection, taking Cranberry Extract Gels daily has eliminated that totally. And the FDA STILL will not own up to Cranberry's beneficial effects. Go figure. Frank

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