Friend Moved To Nursing Home.

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    One of my best friends was sent to a locked assisted living at the beginning of the year. I had sold her my best older Arab years ago. She told people she bought a horse and got me with it. She was a Master Gardener and had a landscaped farm she invited anyone to. It was magical.
    She went out less and less for lunch so I would invite myself over to her place for coffee a few times a year. The last couple of years she repeated stories quite often but so do I. So I just thought it was because we didn't see each other often enough to remember who we had told what.
    But last fall she called a couple of times saying her husband was abusing her, grabbing her, hurting her arm. She was asking for help. I gave her the abused women's shelter number a couple of times but she seemed incapeable of calling. I asked what she wanted me to do. Should I get her a lawyer. Wellllll she didn't know.
    I am glad I didn't do my first thought. Turns out her husband was scared too and didn't know how to handle a situation he knew was coming.
    I thought I knew the home she was going to. But she was not there. I had to hunt her down and she is a ways away (as I don't have her husband's number.)
    I finally went to see her. I walked into the cafeteria. She saw me and knew me right away! We spent a lovely coffee klatch sans coffee touring the facility and her room. for quite a while.
    I have to go again!
    Wish I still had my therapy ponies. I once brought one to a nursing home. My friend would have liked that.:oops:

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