Buckwheat Pancakes

Discussion in 'Other Reminiscences' started by Frank Sanoica, May 23, 2020.

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    When I was small, my Dad asked my Mother often to make Buckwheat Pancakes. Never happened, why, I dunno. Then, during my 8th summer, we took our first and only vacation, to Wisconsin, to see the Dells. Course, my Dad had another aim, to go see the old farm he had lived with his family when he was 16. We drove out to it, outside Strongs Prairie, pop. today 1150. They had 360 acres, very remotely located, and my Grandma's brother lived with them, making a total of 8 people. My Grandpa was able to feed his clan by growing much of his food. Cows, pigs, chickens, venison. Uncle often sat on the back porch, scanning the view at dusk, and was able to pick off a deer whenever needed. He achieved this with only one eye!

    The farmhouse was frame, good deep basement, 2 stories; only heating source was Grandma's cookstove. My Dad claimed a glass of water left overnight upstairs (bedrooms) had a skin of ice on it's surface by morning! The place was vacant, unoccupied for who knows how long in 1950.

    Following year, after his parents being told of our trip to their old farm, my Grandpa died. Following summer, we revisited the farm: the house was gone, burned to the ground. My Dad nearly cried........I believe they lived there when he was 16 and contracted the Great Influenza, only family member to get it. He nearly died, I was told.

    Crux of the story: First vacation ever, we stayed over in a cabin owned by a Mrs. Fitzgerald, who had about 8 of them. In the morning, we were forced to do the unheard-of: we ate breakfast in a cafe! My Dad asked hopefully if they had Buckwheat Pancakes; they did! Don't think I ever saw him happier!

    My "bug" today was to take out a bag of buckwheat flower I had bought some years ago, and make pancakes! Syrup was made by hand also, no fake stuff.


    Just turned over.


    Boiling the syrup. It was delicious!

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    Looks good @Frank Sanoica .

    One of my grandmothers had to have her buckwheat pancakes every day for breakfast.

    I make syrup from scratch simply because I don't like to keep it around. The kind you buy at the store doesn't seem very sweet and it turns sugary in the refrigerator. At least mine does. Any idea why that happens?
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    Those look good, Frank. And now I want pancakes. :D

    @Nancy Hart -- why would you store syrup in the refrigerator? I've never done so; seems like it would make it hard to pour...?
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    I've never tried buckwheat pancakes. The pancakes I have eaten have tasted pretty much like the syrup that I put on them, however. I eat pancakes because drinking maple syrup is weird.
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