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Discussion in 'Sports & Recreation' started by Corie Henson, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Jun 11, 2015
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    We lived and breath horse racing because my father was a horse trainer and I had 3 brothers who were jockeys. It's a coincidence that my husband was fond of horse racing and he bets for enjoyment. But he is not a gambler because he bets just a little, about a dollar a day so I tolerate him with that. By the way, horse racing used to be 4 days in a week, that's Wednesday and Thurday nights and weekend daytime races.

    But as years passed, the horse racing days were extended to be 5 days in a week then 6 days and now it is 7 days, meaning there are night races from Monday to Friday and daytime races during weekends. You might be surprised to know that my husband had quit betting when the races were 5 days a week. He said that he was not excitement anymore because the races were too frequent much more now that it is everyday.

    I wonder why the horse racing had to be held every day.
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    I usually win bets on horse racing. I have a simple system. Always bet on the brown horse.o_O
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    I like to go to the horse races from time to time, but since the nearest track is now a gazillion miles from here, I haven't gone in quite some time. I got spoiled the first time I went to the track because I won about 30 bucks, so I thought every other time I went, I would win. However, sadly, that was not to be the case. I generally come pretty close to breaking even though. Hmm, maybe I will go to races before it gets cold out. I am not going to say sometime this summer, because I likely won't make it.
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