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Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Von Jones, Sep 29, 2023.

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    Thoughts after getting 'my girl' into the body shop yesterday.

    After being informed that my Jeep had been hit: I wasn't surprised but I said "Oh, no."

    After listening to two of my neighbors details of the incident: It was someone with no license or insurance or both.

    After speaking with the officer: Just what I was thinking.

    After the inspection: 'My girl' is is going to be looking 'SWEET.' The lady was telling me nothing but replacing this and that. She saw things that I didn't. I told her my key fob didn't work but she took it anyway. I wonder if that will be replaced too. :D:D:D

    Afterthought, the insurance agent told me I was a valued customer: Okay, and that if I schedule with one of their shops the repairs on 'my girl' would start right away instead of waiting weeks if I go somewhere else: I thought I was going to get the deductible paid. No such luck.:rolleyes:
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    What happened, @Von Jones ? How did your Jeep get in an accident and who was driving it , and are they okay ? It is good that they are starting the repairs right away, so you won’t be left without your vehicle any longer than necessary.
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    In Georgia it must be frowned upon for an insurance company to recommend body shops now. Probably from prior bad experiences. I had to pry a recommendation out of mine.

    It turned out really well. The body shop didn't cut corners. The two seemed to have already worked out the negotiation process, including the car rental place. Things went smoothly. I just did whatever they told me to. ;)

    So I wouldn't automatically assume anything negative.

    I tried one other place first and they informed me up front they would likely NOT negotiate with insurance companies (red flag). Meaning I would pay the difference.
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