Babs Is In The Hot Seat

Discussion in 'Personal Diaries' started by Terry Page, Apr 4, 2016.

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    @Ruby Begonia When we were younger and didn't know each other we both loved to dance all the latest dances. We both love music and have a good library of music that we listen to often. Our dancing is mostly what we call "slow dancing" where you just hold on to each other now days. But every once in a while when we are feeling our wild oats..we might jigger bug...or even do a little twisting to our oldies but goodies. :) We also have a karaoke machine and some nights you might hear us singing duets by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, or Reba and Kenny Chesney, etc. You'll definitely be able to tell the difference between our voices and theirs though! :D

    This is one of our favorite slow dancing songs...

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    Sounds like you have fun! Good song, too.

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