America's First Wave-produced Power Goes Online In Hawaii

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    Wave-produced. Not "tide-produced". The tides AFAIK are pretty reliable, but waves are fickle, like the wind. But, I'm a natural skeptic, too. Producing electrical energy from the tides is no simple matter.

    In this July 26, 2016 photo, a model of a wave energy test site at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu in Hawaii shows undersea cables that hold machinery in place.

    "Off the coast of Hawaii, a tall buoy bobs and sways in the water, using the rise and fall of the waves to generate electricity.

    The current travels through an undersea cable for a mile to a military base, where it feeds into Oahu's power grid — the first wave-produced electricity to go online in the U.S."

    Entire story:
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    We are also interested in the so called alternative energy or clean power supply. It is surprising to learn that we have 2 places here with windmills for producing electricity - one in the northern province of Ilocos Norte and another in the province of Rizal, just near Metro Manila. We also have some geothermal plants in some provinces. Solar panels are almost everywhere here but more of a novelty than a real supply of power since electricity from the supplier is way cheaper than solar power.

    I hope that man can harness the natural power around us so we can forget the fossil fuel which ruined the earth's atmosphere.
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