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    Anti-Skid Brakes (ABS) have undergone significant additional development after they were added to new cars sold in America; it was mandated by the government, of course. The concept is similar for all the schemes unleashed; front wheel speed is continuously compared to rear wheel speed, and should a large discrepancy between the two appear, the front or rear brakes are "biased" to eliminate the wheel "slip". That was how they worked initially. Later, all four wheels were compared speedwise and control of the braking function was TAKEN AWAY from the driver.....
    each wheel's brake was then applied electronically by means of solenoids controlling high pressure valves; the fluid pressure is generated by an electrically driven pump independent of the vehicle's foot brakes. This is how it works since about 2002. When ABS initiates, high pressure fluid is instantly directed against the driver's foot pedal, making it locked and ineffective. The ABS then "pulses" the wheel brakes independently of each other, until the "skid" condition disappears. Testing has proven conclusively that ABS stops a car more quickly than any driver-applied brake system.

    If you can believe that. Personally, I don't care for ABS, because along with it, the computer (PCM) was empowered with taking control of the vehicle, going so far as to even kill the engine. This happened to me when the main memory chip in our ABS Module burned out.

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