Pain And How We Handle It Mentally And Physically

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Joy Martin, Jun 10, 2024.

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    May 4, 2019
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    Caught a very helpful Pain Commentary yesterday on NPR,. an MD who specializes in Pain, conducted most ot it.

    Crux of the commentary is DO NOT EXPECT TO BE PAIN FREE.. If you think that, you will be forever disappointed. I have NEVER uttered those words per se,and after hearing the MD, managing pain in where it is.

    Stay away from Opiods by all means, a very very short dose, but NO MORE....Work with other STUFF and Adjust Your Mind......

    This helps me now as I moan and groan about the pain I live with and had a major hip replacement, thinking that was the answer.....But we have to go thru what we are all going thru. joyce m

    One of the patients was a 25 yr old female who had a terrible horse accident and the horse, that she loved, landed on her when she fell off it and the horse went down on her....
    Her team of docs kept giving her schedules as to when she would be "pain free", it's NEVER happened....Doctors do not always perform Miracles, do they ever?????

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    My aches and pains due to age are minor compared to what some go through. It's all a part of aging and the up side is that you still have to be alive to feel them.

    I never had an OTC med that did any good and the same with meloxicam and tramadol which were prescribed. They can damage innards too so I quit.

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