Oddities In The News Or, Where’s The Hypocrisy?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Bobby Cole, Jun 11, 2024.

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    It is no small wonder that when some of the news is reported, the elephant that should be in the broadcast isn’t even recognized.

    Such as, the Paris Olympics are coming up soon and in women’s basketball, the GOAT (Caitlin Clark) isn’t invited to be on that team but Brittney Griner whom I believe is a male, is.
    I can’t figure out why the woman who is solely responsible for the WBA’s recent uptick in viewership wasn’t invited but
    the person who got caught with dope in a foreign country and placed in jail thereby disgracing the U.S. team, has been invited to represent the U.S. on the Olympic team.

    And how about a historical statue in Spokane that was fully defaced by Hamas sympathizers but there were no arrests made as opposed to;
    Two guys on their bikes laid skid marks on a pride mural drawn on the pavement and are facing felony charges for defacing the mural.
    Note: Of course, no one is even talking about the fact that the mural was defacing public property.

    There’s at least one or two daily helpings in the news that we all look at and marvel (for lack of better words at this time) at the hypocrisy. We see it, we hear it and we know that something is vastly wrong but we ask ourselves, “why can’t the newscaster see this”?

    When ya’ll have one, post it and maybe among us all, we can figure it out. So far, I can’t.
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