Failure To Provide For Retirement

Discussion in 'Personal Diaries' started by Richard Whiting, May 9, 2023.

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    Just an FYI, for you Yvonne, wife and I have drove by some low income housing that we wouldn't let a dog live in! There are those that aren't like that, and my MIL lived in one.

    My wife's sister told us to check in with HUD and when I asked her "would you live in HUD housing, her reply was: "Heck no!!".

    As far as "illegal drugs are everywhere", I'd have to ask you, just like I'd ask anyone, "So have you visited everywhere in America?" If not, that statement can't be a valid one. There are places in America where Seniors are treated much, much better than other places.
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    Try diabetes. Most hinge on the actual 'healthy keto diet'. Sugar is in all packaged foods.
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    There is a difference between places that are “designated low income housing” and apartments that accept low income people, @Cody Fousnaugh . I agree that some of the low income housing is not very appealing, and there is a waiting list for it anyway. Huntsville just tore down a whole area here that was really old low income apartments, and they moved the tenants somewhere else.

    However, many apartments are in a program where they get a subsidy from the government if they also accept some low income people. These are regular apartment complexes, and not all of the people who live there are low income, but they do accept both.
    Most of these apartments are nice places, and have amenities that you would expect to find in any apartment complex; but the rent is income based, and people do not pay over 1/3 of their income for rent at these apartments.
    I think that something like this would work fine for @Richard Whiting .

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