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Discussion in 'Comments on Forum' started by Ken Anderson, Jul 11, 2019.

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    @Bobby Cole 1+1 can = 3 if you assume another factor is involved. 1(x) + 1=3 and we discover that factor to be 2. That is the absolute of algebra. If the teacher asked young Johnny to approach the board and solve 1+1= and Johnny answers 3 and the teacher says wrong and gives young J an F that would be justified since J made an assumption that wasn't indicated, however, if she says, "Interesting Johnny how did you arrive at your answer?" and young J writes out 1(2) + 1=3. then young J has just made what appeared his opinion a fact and an educational experience.
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    Which, if accepted by the instructor would make the premise subjective. But of course, subjectivity is the new norm whereas objectivity is looked upon as bias. e.g. Is he or she a male or a female? Dunno, it depends on what he or she thinks he or she is today.
    Any other answer is considered bias and highly opinionated with an attachment to one or more phobias.
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    I don't believe in the masks for the covid and I do not go down the street yelling or complaining about others that do.
    On my property a sign was just put up that states.
    Anyone entering this property hiding their identity with a mask will be considered as a criminal and be deal with in that manner. You have been warned.

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