Some Information And Guidelines About The Conspiracy Section Of The Forum.

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    Excerpts from a post by @Ken Anderson , about the guidelines and reasons for this forum having a section for conspiracies.

    The Conspiracy & Paranormal category is here to discuss topics that many would consider false. To ridicule someone for posting a conspiracy in the conspiracies section of the forum is odd. By attacking someone for posting conspiracy theories in the conspiracy section of the forum, you suggest that this part of the forum bothers you for some reason.
    Wouldn't it be easier to simply not read this part of the forum?

    You may prefer to be oblivious to them, but there are very real conspiracies going on all around us, whichever part of the world we live in. It would be naive to think otherwise. Does this mean that every conspiracy theory is true?
    Of course not, given that many issues have several theories surrounding them.

    Conspiracy theories grow from a realization that we're not being told the truth about something.
    For example, the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.
    I feel confident that we were not told the truth about what happened that day. Does that mean that I believe the theory that the Israelis were responsible or the one that suggests that it was done by the CIA or, I suppose there's probably a theory that it was done by space aliens or any of the others?
    No, of course not. I don't have the facts to substantiate any of them, but the official story doesn't feel true to me, either. Nor does the official story of the JFK assassination.

    Because many of us believe that we are lied to regularly by our government, and by the media, we should expect that there will be conspiracy theories, and some of them are as likely to be true as the official stories. Do you believe everything the government tells you?
    If not, then the fact that you don't consider alternate theories simply suggests that the truth doesn't matter to you.

    There is also sometimes a suggestion that the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of senior citizens are pointless and not worth voicing, and I think we could all take offense at that.
    The entire purpose of this forum is to serve as a venue for seniors to discuss a wide variety of topics, and the purpose of the Conspiracies & Paranormal section is to discuss conspiracies and paranormal topics.

    I believe, in fact, I am certain that there are real conspiracies all around me. Historically, many conspiracy theories have been found to have been correct.
    I can remember when only the underground newspapers were reporting that the United States was training terrorists in Nicaragua.
    The government and the mainstream media dismissed the idea as nonsense. Later, it turned to be true. Did it become true only when the Washington Postreported it and the network news anchors began talking about it or was it true even when it was being dismissed as nonsense?

    Although I don't listen to it so often now that George Noory has been hosting it, I loved the Coast to Coast radio show when Art Bell hosted it, whose topics included conspiracies, UFOs, Bigfoot, remote viewing, and other such topics.
    Did I believe everyone who he brought on his show? Of course not, and neither did he, but some of it might have been true, and it was fun to listen to. For that matter, Coast to Coast is where I first began hearing of the nutty theories of global warming, which was something that Art Bell pushed very hard. While I still believe that's a pretty goofy theory, governments all over the world have picked up on it.

    Conspiracy theories are fun to talk about, and that's why this section of the forum is here. I often post theories here as I come across them.
    Whether or not I believe them isn't important.

    If conspiracies aren't your thing, just ignore this part of the forum, but please don't disparage those who do enjoy talking about this stuff.

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