Protesters Plan On A Siege Of The White House Next

Discussion in 'Protests & Riots' started by Yvonne Smith, Aug 9, 2020.

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    Bobby and I have been talking about what will happen after the election, and the liberals do not accept that President Trump I has been re-elected for another term. It is not likely we would have much violence here where we live, because Alabama is a red state, and they stop any protesters who start to get violent.
    It does look like the protesters are already planning to be outside of the White House on Election Day, and blocking roads and attacking the homes of congress members.
    Even if President Trump should lose the election, he does not have to leave until the end of January 2021; but these people seem to think that he can be chased out right away, whether he wins or loses.
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    This hypocritical tactic is nothing new.

    When Obama won in 2008, the DNC immediately sent out an email sarcastically taking up a collection to buy Cheney a bus ticket out of town. "His turn is over."

    Now, I subscribe to all sorts of emails from all sorts of groups from the entire political spectrum, and for some reason this hypocritical snarky note really set me off. So for the first time ever, I was moved to reply:

    I agree that when an administration ends, it should get off of the stage as quickly as possible and give the new administration the reins; however, in all fairness to Mr. Cheney, we should give him at least half the time Jimmy Carter has taken in the spotlight since leaving office. So if Mr. Cheney has not gone away by 2022, please contact me and I shall be happy to send you a check.”
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