Higgs Field - New Name For The Ether

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    The Higgs Boson or God particle that gives mass to all particles exists only because of the field in which
    it exists. Apply called the Higgs field, it is beyond quantum, and permeates the entire known Universe. Like quantum entanglement, it can transfer information instantaneously from any point in the Universe to any other part. With perfect encryption. It's the proof that old alchemists were not far off the mark with their claims about the Ether. Also include Nicola Tesla for his writings on the ether that had him savaged by main stream science of the day. Lets harness the Higgs Field. Who needs space travel when we can teleport the breadth of all Creation? Let's move folks to Earth 2.0 habitable planets as soon as we develop the tech. Maybe some CERN folks might want to comment?
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    Perhaps there is some misunderstanding here. Off the top of my head and I might be wrong but the Higgs Bosun isn’t beyond quantum but rather sub-atomic making it micro or rather, quantum.

    I’m not too sure as to what you’re referring to in regard to travel referencing quantum entanglement but the Higgs Field is still theoretical and suspected of being quite unstable.

    I’ve only skimmed the studies involving the Higgs particle whist researching Neutrinos but it is an interesting study.
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