He Started It All!

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    Statue of Don Laughlin greets incoming visitors.

    I once considered him pretentious; his Riverview Cafe has early photos of him, from childhood on, building of the Empire over the years; videos playing in several locations describing how the place came to be. I've changed my mind. As the only resident, owner of a 7 -room motel he bought, the Postmaster, setting up a Post Office, suggested a name for the new town: Laughlin, Nevada. And so it was. Today, 9 casino hotels, ~ 250,000 arriving passengers at airport annually, thousands upon thousands of tourist visitors; they come from all over the world!

    Awhile back, a lady requested that Don deal Blackjack to her, which her husband could tape: Don did (he's 89 now!), can often be seen walking the casino, no apparent bodyguards present; his estimated net worth, several hundred millions of dollars!
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