Are You Envious Of The Joneses

Discussion in 'Philosophy & Psychology' started by Susan Paynter, Mar 14, 2021.

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    Well I imagine that you are just going to have to learn to get along with the idea of supporting other. We in the US graduate just over 80% of our children from High School. Less than 50% of our population has an associates.
    Each year American companies are being encouraged and worst of all being assisted and rewarded by our government in off shoring thousands of low skill jobs.
    Each year we incarcerate thousand for non violent victimless social crimes, therefore rendering them unemployable.
    Each year thousands of newly unemployed are added to to the roles
    Each year the right complains about more and more people being on the government dole.
    Kind of looks like a never ending supply of undesirables. Too bad we couldn't kill them when they do not contribute!
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    Strange logic? Liberal means in generous amounts. The Joneses have everything in more generous amounts and I choose not to envy such and depart from my country conservative ways.
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