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    Long ago, while my co-worker, Bruce, and I, were designing and building the automated molding machine our company was counting on becoming an unprecedented support means for it's future, I had occasion to drive in to a known sleazy neighborhood in to Chicago to pick up some contracted parts. The shop providing our parts was located on Lake St., the embodiment of Chicago's turn of the century efforts of providing the newest approaches.

    Lake Street was overshadowed by massive structural steel supports, upon which, above the street, ran the Lake St. "El", one of the 3 main branches of elevated railway service which brought and took away, the daily throng destined for work, then home again. It was at times tricky dodging those repeating steel supports. For that reason, I suppose, heavy traffic was not seen on Lake St.

    I hoped for no surprises as I pulled up to a huge red brick building and parked my newly acquired '65 Mustang. getting out, I surveyed the immediate area; all looked reasonably secure and quiet.

    As I walked over toward my destination's back door, a sudden flickering of "text" appeared on the brick wall beside me. Very carefully printed in something reddish, perhaps lipstick(?), were the words:

    "Mary Clark is a hoe".

    Smiling inwardly, I related the discovery to the guys back at the Plant. Most laughed uproariously! Nothing else regarding that work on my part, picking up some machine parts, then returning to our office, can I recall, other than the wall-borne revelation!

    It went on to become a classic amongst us at work. Years later, upon my returning to the company, Dana Corp., a former co-worker and friend, Roy Howlett, remembering a tiny laugh years before, asked me, "Do you suppose Mary Clark is still around?"
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    And her brother is a rake. ;)
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