Yellow Dog Wood

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    I hope someone has experience with this and can help me before it is to late. One of the residents came in work the other day. He works for the department of Environmental Conservation and told us they had quite a bit of Yellow Dog Wood which is rather rare in this area, they wondered if we could use it on the property. I said I would love to replant on my private property and the man brought me about 5 good sized saplings which I put in.

    I don't know much about dog woods short of they look good in the winter and they flower. My plan was to create a blind between my house and my neighbors. they have windows that look right into my yard and I really would prefer more privacy. I am a bit concerned now, as an after thought. That perhaps this plant may grow to large and thick. I don't really know. Does anyone have this or know about what to expect? The guy told me that if I had Forsythia that grew, this would grow the same way.

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