Words That Mean Something Different In Another Country

Discussion in 'Evolution of Language' started by Ken Anderson, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Which words can you think of that mean something amusingly different in another country?

    A "bum," for example, might mean something different in England than it does in America. Then there was the amusing marketing gaff by Chevrolet when they introduced the Chevy Nova. People in Spanish-speaking countries had some fun with the fact that "no va" translates as "doesn't go." Although I doubt that it actually had a negative effect on sales, people did have fun with it. That's probably why Spanish people don't move to Nova Scotia.
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    yes well of course bum means posterior here, but as we probably have always had much more American tv shows here in the Uk, than America has British shows...we're all very aware of the different meanings of words and that Bum also means tramp or hobo, in the USA..

    Yes I remember the Nova thing...although because we don't have a huge population of Spanish speaking people here ..even though they are one of our closest European neighbours.. the word Nova in cars has never been an Issue..

    Loads of words that have a different meaning between the USA and the UK.. we all know that.. but did you know that

    Fart ...in Dutch means 'Speed'.. so all along the roads in the Netherlands you see signs with the word Fart on them ...and also in France Fart is the word for Pet

    Bra - In Swedish means Good

    In Japan, the name Gary means Diarrhoea ...so if you're overheard calling out for your friend Gary then the Japanese are going to think..well you know...lol
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