Which Lasts Longer Desk Top Or Laptops

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    Which brings up another eco friendly thought. Instead of throwing those uncooperative tower computers away after they are dumped out of their perspective windows they can be used for a dandy boat anchor. After all, one should think about how much they will clutter our garbage dump land fills should Diane's father's wonderful solution become too popular.

    Another piece of sweet revenge might be that when any of them refuse to stay on the internet, they can be used to hook up to the lower end of a salmon net. Proving worthy of their new environment staying on the "net" will never be a problem again.

    Along with Ken's experimentation and my DIY solutions to computer problems we do find that there is some comradery that can be had between H2O and the kindom of the computer.

    I just love talking about our new technology. It's sooooo, uh..........technical!
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