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    Vivid dream around 2:30 to 3:30 am. I was beside a campfire filleting fish, my cat watching. There were a dozen or so folks watching. They had never caught or prepared a fish for eating. Sun had just set and ruins of skyscrapers were visible with no artificial lights of any kind. There were about a half dozen tents within a few hundred yards. One person said they had 15 gallons of boiled water to barter for fish fillets to feed their family of four. I agreed and started on another lake trout. The catch that day was good with two stringers full. There were strings of lights in the sky. The Starlink constellation I was told by a girl who said she used to work for Google. But there were no tech toys to use it as current computer technology was fluidics only. I am familiar with Fluidics Computing back in the day when companies such as Norgren were hot stocks. A real glimpse into things to come? What happened ot the Internet?

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