Well Done You Could And Faithful Servant

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    Ever since I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and forgive my sins and be my Savior the only thing I have ever wanted to hear Him say when I stood before Him was: "Well done you good and faithful servant." And I have strived to live my life so He would say that to me. But yesterday I realized that as much as I have tried to be that good and faithful servant on this earth...I am still just flesh and bone and nothing I do in my own strength is ever going to help me hear those words I long to hear from Jesus. All I can really do is believe that by faith in God's promises Jesus' blood that He shed will be what saves me...in spite of myself!

    That's all that will save any of us...faith and trust in God and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us when He gave His life for ours. I cling to these promises because today once again I was reminded that no matter how much I strive on this earth to be perfect...I cannot do it...and how thankful I am that God made a way so that my imperfections are bought and paid for...and I am assured of salvation and eternal life in spite of myself. As long as I believe and have faith in spite of fleshly self too.
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