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    Due to dropped telephone calls, we bought a cell-phone booster called WeBoost a few months ago, which cost something like $600, and that's not counting the hardware needed to install the outside antenna on a pole above the level of our roof, which probably added another hundred bucks to the cost.

    Most of you would have no need of such a thing because you probably live in an area where there is at least one cell-phone service provider who can offer decent service. Here, the best we have is Verizon, and I suppose their service wasn't so bad, but they got to be awfully expensive.

    We went with US Cellular because they promised good service in Millinocket. What we got was very bad service in Millinocket, and inferior cell service pretty much everywhere else we go.

    I could have lived with it, but my wife is on the phone 26 hours a day, and was getting a lot of dropped calls, a problem that gets worth in the spring when the leaves return on the trees.

    So we bought thing thing months ago, and I just now got around to putting it up. Actually, we hired someone to do the heavy lifting.

    An outside antenna, which doesn't look like an antenna at all, is mounted on a PVC pipe on the side of the house where we got the best signal, so that it is elevated above the level of the roof, given that the metal roof is probably contributing to our poor cell signal.

    A cable from the outside antenna is run through the PVC pipe and through a downstairs window where the cell signal was among the worst. There, it is attached to the booster. An inside antenna, which also does not look at all like an antenna, is also connected to the web booster. The web booster is connected to a power source.

    All three green lights are on, which is supposed to signal the best possible signal. According to the numbers, it only improved out signal by a little bit, but we haven't had any dropped calls since.

    When I get a chance, I can adjust the direction of the outside antenna to see if I can achieve a better signal. But I don't like spending more than $700 to get something that US Cellular promised us to begin with.

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