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    This isn't new but I hadn't read the book, and had not heard this before, and it's shocking.

    Keep in mind that President George Bush, a Republican, was president then. Although they did not move as quickly as they had planned, according to General Clark, or in the exact same order, you can see that the same agenda was followed when we elected President Barack Obama, a Democrat.

    I have spoken often about the agenda, and that is something that is so clear to me that sometimes I get frustrated when everyone else doesn't see that, with very few exceptions, it doesn't matter if we elect a Republican or a Democrat, whether we have a Republican administration and congress, a Democratic administration and congress, or a mixture. The Republican and Democrat elite are on the same team, working the same agenda.

    That is why they fear Donald Trump. He was the only candidate in the race who would not commit to the agenda.

    There's more to it than that, of course, but these countries were those that had not signed up with the World Bank.
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    @Ken Anderson
    On the surface, the agendas a made to look mostly opposite from each other's, to maintain interest in the particular party, I suppose. Boil it all down, though, and of course it makes sense there is a common agenda.

    Similar concept to a fact I learned years ago. Competing companies in industry regularly stage meetings for their Human Resources officials, during which the topic is often prevailing pay rates for non-Union employees, as well as Management employees. In that way, they can "control" the probable migration of employees from one company to it's competitor as the drifters quickly learn while job-hunting that higher pay is not just a move away.

    I call it "dirty pool".
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    The Republican and Democrat elite have been the same since JFK and slowly working to world government. They have set up the world bank and the UN the UN army which is the police force for the UN. They want a world fighting against itself with the world national companies selling arms to both sides. All these so call great democratic countries leading the charge to their own demise. All pushing to have the UN even stronger and not even thinking this is not a democratic group there is no one elected in that group with n over site by anyone. How stupid are these leaders or is that what they really want.

    Hope Trump wins and changes the way they are headed
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